We provide advice in a full range of corporate law matters, including mergers and acquisitions and acquisition of distressed companies, spin-offs, joint-ventures, corporate governance, restructurings and privatizations. The individual experience of each of our corporate lawyers, combining detailed industry knowledge with core legal skills, allow us to advise the clients on highly focused corporate law matters in a quick and efficient manner, and come with optimized, cost efficient solutions even for the most sophisticated cases, in order for our clients to achieve their business objectives.

Our advice refers to both procedural aspects and legal consequences of corporate transactions and of other corporate actions, such as reporting issues, directorial duties, representation contests and general corporate law matters.

Our team supports corporate management, boards of directors and board committees on a wide variety of corporate governance matters, including corporate responsibility, directorial duties, legal compliance. Consumer goods, retail, automotive, aeronautics, energy, technology, real estate are only few of the industries we excel at supporting our clients with adequate corporate advice.