Construction & Infrastructure

In times of financial crisis, governmental strategies to boost the economy are affected by the scarcity of public funds. Nationalizations where private rescue initiatives for distressed companies seem to fail are triggering more legal issues on the table in addition to the foregoing. Nevertheless, investing in infrastructure is becoming more and more a focus area for institutional investors as well as local governments with an aim to support privatizations, project finance and public private partnerships as alternatives to traditional procurement activities.

Our Construction & Infrastructure team members have acquired individually a long-standing expertise in all fields of regulatory and administrative law matters, such as utilities, state aid, public procurement and urban planning, as well as awareness of the issues presented by the regulatory process and the scrutiny of the competent public authorities. Our specialists have a large experience in public private partnerships and procurement tendering processes.

At the same time, we were involved in all sectors of the construction industry, with a particular emphasize on infrastructure (electric transmission lines, railroads, cement plants, roads, and water infrastructure facilities), energy (both conventional and renewable) and real estate matters. We constantly update our knowledge with the new technological and legal trends shaping the construction industry. For example, we are deeply involved in renewable energy, and are constantly developing new contracting concepts and structures to meet the changing needs of our clients.

We advise a large spectrum of clients, including corporates, investment funds, utilities, contractors, lenders, public funded entities and local authorities, owners in all types of energy and infrastructure projects, including photovoltaic, wind, biomass and biogas, high efficiency co-generation plants, electric transmissions projects and privatizations. This experience allows us to understand perspectives and concerns of each participant to a specific project and identify and offer to our clients tailor-made legal solutions to cover to the best extent possible any related risks.