Georgeta Voicu


Georgeta Voicu

  • (+40) 31 805 92 89/90/91


Mrs. Georgeta Voicu has graduated the Law School of the University of Bucharest in 1988.

Mrs. Voicu started as a prosecutor in 1988 until 1994. During her activity as prosecutor, Mrs. Voicu has performed all the range of activities specific to the position (criminal prosecution, prevention and compliance with the law activities, judicial activities and representation in front of the courts of law). Starting 1996 and until 2006 Mrs. Voicu was lawyer in the Bucharest Bar. During this period, Mrs. Voicu represented clients in front of the courts of law, provided consultancy in various legal fields ( criminal law, civil law, etc.) and assisted clients during other legal procedures. In 2006 Mrs. Voicu returned to the position of prosecutor until 2016 when she entered the Bucharest Bar and joined our team.

Mrs. Voicu is specialized in criminal law. She has experience and know-how in representing clients in court, in front of the police and prosecution authorities and in advising clients in regard to the criminal law provisions.

Mrs. Voicu is a member of the Bucharest Bar Association and she is English language speaker.