Young Talent Program

Are you a brilliant law student searching to put your knowledge to practice and start your legal career in a top legal company? Your career is very important to us. We take pride in being a school of bright young talent ready to boost its professional future.

We are ready to invest in your potential, by granting:

  • The S&A Scholarship – Financial support so that you properly complete your studies
  • Guidance to find your career path – A law career development plan suited to your abilities
  • The freedom to experiment the reality of the legal business – valuable hands on experience to develop your legal and organizational competencies

If you prove to be active and assiduous, if you have initiative and dedication, there may be a place for you in our team of young legal professionals.

How to apply :

  • The program is open to law students starting with the 3rd year of study, with excellent track record and good references
  • together with your scholar track record and a minimum of two recommendations from your teachers
  • Selected candidates will be contacted for an interview