George Serban


George Serban

Managing Partner
  • (+40) 31 805 92 89/90/91


Mr. George Serban is the founding and managing partner at Serban & Asociatii. His major area of expertise includes criminal law of affairs and commercial law. Not only does he deal with litigations (in commercial, civil, penal matters) and foreign investments in Romania, but he also represents clients before institutions such as DNA [Anticorruption National Department], Curtea Constitutionala [Constitutional Court], Consiliul Concurentei [Competition Council] etc. Mr. George Serban provides legal assistance and represents client’s interests in the courts of law at all levels, prosecution office, police authorities.

In most cases, his work is related to industries such as banking, auto, pharma, energy. Member of Bucharest Bar Association, Mr. George Serban graduated from Law School of Bucharest. After completion of his studies (1984),he functioned as judge and state-attorney in different Romanian courts (1984-1991). In the next years, Mr. George Serban worked in the private area (founding his own consulting company),in association with Romanian and foreign attorneys and consultants. Together, they provided legal consultancy and assisted foreign investors in different legal issues. In 1997 Mr. Serban established his own law office, which later on became the law firm Serban & Associates.

Mr. George Serban is an English language speaker.