Laurentiu Nae


Laurentiu Nae

  • (+40) 31 805 92 89/90/91


Mr. Nae Laurentiu is specialized in organized crimes and a wide range of offences (corruption, capital market, IT, energy, intellectual and industrial property, road safety and economic crimes). Industries covered by his legal expertise are: energy, banking, leasing, industrial and civil construction, food, telecommunication, IT & media, electronics, insurance and reinsurance.

Mr. Nae started as a criminal prosecution officer in 1985 and since 1997 he is a lawyer in the Bucharest Bar Association. His responsibilities and know-how consist of: preparing defending strategies for clients; drafting legal opinions; assisting clients in extrajudicial procedures in order to prevent penal litigation. Mr. Naehas covered a wide array of issue in the field of criminal law, representing clients before courts, police and prosecution authorities, using his expertise in various penal proceedings.

He has also a didactic activity: author, co-author to several criminal matters manuals, university courses etc. He was also a professor of “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Police Academy from Bucharest. Mr. Nae focuses on assisting and representing clients in front of criminal investigation authorities or courts of law, for various investigations and court files.

He is a member of Bucharest Bar Association and is an French and English language speaker.