This is the second time that The TIMES – Legal Innovation magazine has presented our law firm with this award. I hereby congratulate my team of lawyers and we promise to maintain the high standards we have accustomed our clients to. In addition, the involvement of the undersigned and the Serban & Asociatii law firm, […]

George Șerban a făcut din white collar  o arie motor a firmei, care generează până la 70 la sută din veniturile societății.

George Serban explains, in an interview with BizLawyer, what art means for a criminal-commercial lawyer and where his ship is heading

The lawyer, a profession about which many malicious jokes circulate, is interconnected with the arts, while George Serban is the one who proves how professional demands can be combined with a passion for artistic creations, especially the Romanian graphic art of the last decades.  

Applicants shall send a CV together with a letter of intent to: career@serbanlawfirm.ro

We entered our 15th anniversary year since Mr. George Serban has set up the core of our current law firm.